“What’s ‘Secrar’?” you ask.

It’s not a what. It’s a who. His full name is Secrar vei Dyarnust. Well, his family name was originally ‘vey‘, but an orthographic calamity happened, so it’s ‘vei‘ now. Strangely, his given name is still ‘Secrar‘, even though it should have become ‘Sekrar‘. Must have been the God.

“Sorry to interrupt, but, err…”

You can call me Jayce. Why? Because its a pseudonym that sounds similar to my name. Duh.

Anyway, I haven’t actually explained who Secrar is. I met him several years back. He was the first person I met when I entered his world. I know I did meet him on the 28th of November, year 2013, but I that was not the first time I met him. I cannot remember exactly when, but the vestiges of my fragmented memories tell me that it should be in the year before–year 2012. I haven’t seen him lately. He should still be in Cyxin.

“Cyxin? What’s that? …or who?”

It’s a what. Cyxin is Secrar’s hometown, in the continent of Entyrus. The last I met him, he said he was travelling to the continent of Seyn by train to hunt some game and get his Augury read… Perhaps I should visit him someday, to relive and reminisce about the days of our constructing this lair that is named after him, the first person I met in his world. As I have said, I haven’t seen him lately, and it appears that he does not have any intention of returning to this lair yet, so I’m the one managing this lair.

Sorry. I guess that because you’re here, you want to know more about me. I mean, an ‘about’ page that doesn’t tell anything about me isn’t a really good ‘about’ page, is it?

I write prose and poetry, and prosetry. Usually my proses are written in English first, then translated to Japanese. This is because my native language is English, which means I write more lively in English than in Japanese. On the other hand, my poetries are written in Japanese first, then translated to English. This is because Japanese is a language with multitudinous expressions about pulchritudinous and transcendent nature, relative to dastardly ostentatiously convoluted English. By the way, the title of my posts show the language in which the post was written first. So if a title is written in Japanese and then English, it means that post was first conceived of and written in Japanese first. Ditto for the other way round. Also, if you believe I have categorized my post wrongly or not categorized at all, please do me a favour and inform me.

I also compose music, rarely. My music are all slow and sad and sentimental because I don’t actually have the aptitude to write fast upbeat music.

I obviously do other things, such as playing games and studying for university, but this wordpress is aimed to display my non-existant artistic flair, not my academic talents. This also means that I cannot think of and write stories around the clock.

However, if you are able to suffer the whimsical and capricious me, you are always welcome to lurk around in my lair. The directory that I’ve set up on the right-hand side should be able to lead and guide you within this lair. Until we meet again.

I may bite.


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