(FF, Discontinued) Tales of Xillia 2: After True Ending – Chapter 1

“Chronos, why won’t you do it?”
“Why should I? It was his choice, made just like any other foolish human would make.”
“He has passed the Judgment, hasn’t he?”
“So? The humans won, and they should be happy.”
“It’s sad and pitiful. Though it was the human’s victory, the humans actually did not win anything. His wish is to destroy all of the remaining Parallel Worlds, but they were there in the first place because of our Judgment. In the process, the destruction of the Parallel Worlds will inevitably destroy him too, since he was the Time Factor. He didn’t have to be the Time Factor, but he chose to be, for her… That is why I think we should give him a chance.”
“…Fine. I’d do it for your sake, but are you really sure?”
“Yes. This is my choice.”
“Very well. I’ll do it.”
“Thank you, Chronos, for being understanding.”
“I-I just didn’t want you to feel bad…”

You open your eyes, with your mind in a state of emptiness. You take a few moments to recognize your surroundings, and soon you are able to identify the familiar metal gears around you. You know this place. This is place where you fought for her with your friends; this is the place where you had to make a difficult choice; this is the place where you… died…
“Ludger Will Kresnik.” You hear a familiar ethereal voice and look around to find the source of the voice. Your eyes fall onto a white humanoid figure. You know this person, well, spirit.
“You must be wondering why you are still here,” Origin says. “Do not worry, the Parallel Worlds have been destroyed, as you have wished. About your existence, you have to thank Chronos.”
“No, thank Origin,” another voice sounds from behind you. You immediately turn around and see a person, well, spirit, whom you know too. “Origin pleaded me to do it.”
“But without Chronos, I couldn’t have done it,” Origin chuckles as Chronos floats over to Origin’s side.
You tilt your head to the side and slightly open your mouth, staring at the two spirits.
Origin seems to know what you are thinking, and start to explain.
“Chronos rewinded your time, back to when you were about to make the choice. So, you are now alive.”
You recall the past events. You were in your black armor, and you saw Elle crying. Your black helmet faded away, and she could see your face for the last time. You started to hum the song: the ‘Song of Proof’. You remember that you made the choice to sacrifice yourself to save Elle, so that she wouldn’t have to disappear when the Parallel Worlds were destroyed.  You knew that by doing so, she would live on. However, as for you, you… didn’t know what would happen. But you knew that you would never see Elle again, and neither would she see you. Your friends were standing behind you. You know that they would be sad with the choice that you made. But they remained strong, so they could live for you, so they could take care of Elle for you when you are not there. Then, Origin granted your wish, and you… found yourself here now, alive, just like Elle…
Elle is… alive, and so are you!
You realize your current situation. You look up to Origin and Chronos, wanting answers to questions that have formed in your mind. Why did Origin want to revive you? What happened to your friends? Can you… see Elle again?
They look back at you and know what you are thinking, however, they do not answer your questions.
“Go, and live on,” Origin says. “Someone is waiting for you, isn’t she?”
Origin and Chronos start to levitate away. You raise out your hand towards them, wanting them to come back down, so they can answer your questions. Origin and Chronos start to fade as they go higher, and eventually, you can no longer see them. You look back to the entrance, and see the road clear of miasma. In the distance, you see the portal: the portal that will lead you back to Elempios; the portal that will let you see your friends again; the portal that will let you see… Elle…
You run down the path, mind still plagued with questions. However, you push those questions out of your mind, because you know that they are not important now. What is important is the world ahead of you: a world where your choices spin the future.


Author: Secrar vei Dyarnust (よしふみ)

Usually my proses are written in English first, then translated to Japanese. This is because my native language is English, which means I write more lively in English than in Japanese. On the other hand, my poetries are written in Japanese first, then translated to English. This is because Japanese is a language with multitudinous expressions about pulchritudinous and transcendent nature, relative to dastardly ostentatiously convoluted English.

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