[Music (Lyrics, ToB)] 郷愁誘う村アバル The village that invites nostalgia, Abal


おはよう もう起きなよ
ねえ 薬を飲まなきゃダメだよ ねえ
ああそうですか 飲まないなら大好きなキッシュを作らないよお~
早く食べて 本を読もう 村(そと)に出てみんなと遊ぼう
見慣れた隣人の笑顔 かわいいが臆病なワンコ
昨日のように 今日も暮れ去り 明日は「緋の夜」だという… それでも

(Lyrics that I wrote for the OST “The village that invites nostalgia, Abal” from the game Tales of Berseria. I made the Japanese lyrics fit the rhythm of the OST, but I’m too lazy to make the English lyrics fit too so here’s just a translation. PS: .)

(Oh and potential spoiler warnings since the English version is not yet out as of writing this.)

Good morning, wake up already

You have to take your medicine

Oh, it’s that how it is? Since you won’t take your medicine, I won’t cook your favourite quiche~

Eat it quickly, then we’ll read a book, and then we’ll go and play with everyone

The smiles of our familiar neighbours, the cute but cowardly dogs

Just like yesterday, today comes to an end and leaves, and tomorrow is said to be the “Scarlet Night”… nevertheless

I will always be by your side

So don’t be afraid and go to sleep…


Author: Secrar vei Dyarnust (よしふみ)

Usually my proses are written in English first, then translated to Japanese. This is because my native language is English, which means I write more lively in English than in Japanese. On the other hand, my poetries are written in Japanese first, then translated to English. This is because Japanese is a language with multitudinous expressions about pulchritudinous and transcendent nature, relative to dastardly ostentatiously convoluted English.

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